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adjustable 50kg electroplating dumbbell set

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Product Name: 50kg dumbbell set
Material: cast iron
Color: Silver
Usage: Bodybuilding Fitness
Weight: 10-50kg
Packing: plastic box +pallet
Feature: Durable
Delivery time: 7days
Combo Set Offered: ≥6
brand: HY
Gender: Unisex
Application: Universal

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Plating boxed dumbbell weight-loss dumbbells. Specification: 15KG 20KG 30KG 50KG. 7-layer plating process. Corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance. Handle: Curved massage handle is simple and generous. Does not freeze hands in winter. Sweats and slips in summer. Dumbbell connecting rod: 11 cm -60cm connecting rods can be freely selected and instantly change into barbells. The connecting rods can be freely selected. Use the connecting rods to change the barbell in seconds. Use dumbbells for free weight training. During normal exercise, you can use the barbell to lift heavy weights to practice chest squats. The heavier the weight, the greater the load, which means that there are still a lot of muscles. Dumbbells are very good auxiliary exercise equipment, and squats are suitable for your entire body. This is important training. Once you can squat with a weight of 120 kg, the quadriceps, biceps, hips and calf muscles required for bounce have a good exercise effect. The efficiency is better than pure bounce exercises. Therefore, dumbbell squats are used for training track and field, basketball, Volleyball player’s movements. Here is a free weight squat with your hips below your knee joint

 Product name
Electroplating dumbbell
 Surface Treatment
 Weight option
weight lifting
Carton + pallet or customer request
Lead Time
Exercise Muscle
Integrated Gym Trainer
Bodybuilding Fitness

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