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50kg cast iron adjustable combination dumbbell set

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Product Name: Dumbbell Set
Material: Cast Iron
Color: Black
Weight: 15/20/30/50 Kg
Packing: plastic box +pallet
MOQ: 1set
Delivery time: 7days
Combo Set Offered: ≥6
Logo: Accept Customized Logo
brand: HY

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Adjustable dumbbell set specifications: 15KG 20KG 30KG 50KG. Colors are silver and black; 7-layer electroplating process. Corrosion and acid and alkali resistance. Handle: The curved massage handle is simple and generous. Don’t freeze hands in winter. Sweat and slip in summer. Dumbbell connecting rod: 11cm-60cm connecting rod can be freely selected, instantly transforming into a barbell. The connecting rod can be freely selected. Use the connecting rod to change the barbell in a few seconds. Use dumbbells for free weight training. In normal exercises, you can use a barbell to lift heavy objects to practice squats. The heavier the weight, the greater the load, which means there are still a lot of muscles. Dumbbells are good auxiliary exercise equipment, and squats are suitable for your entire body. This is important training. Once you can squat with a weight of 120 kg, the quadriceps, biceps, buttocks and calf muscles needed to bounce will have a good exercise effect. Efficiency is better than pure jumping exercises. Therefore, dumbbell squats are used to train athletes in track and field, basketball, and volleyball. This is a free weight squat with the hips below the knee joint

Product Advantage:

1. Economic applicableenvironmental protection applicable.
2. It can be at ease on the floor, it does not hurt the ground.

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