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Black Rubber Coated Solid Hex Dumbbells

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Product name: Rubber hexagonal dumbbell
Material: Fine steel, stainless steel, rubber
Specifications: all pound sizes are available
Minimum quantity: 10kg in stock, depending on the custom type
Sales link: Dumbbell rack, dumbbell stool, rubber barbells
Deliverability: 1000 tons per month
usage: strength training
Packing detail: Plastic bags + cartons + pallets/wooden cases or customer requirements
Applicable scenario: Gyms, companies, entertainment venues, troops, schools, families

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Rubber-coated hexagonal dumbbells are made of high-quality rubber wrapped round steel inner core, which is more durable; there are two specifications in kilograms: 2.5kg-50kg; 5LB-100LB. The colors are black, yellow, blue, red, etc.; other colors can also be customized; most of them are used by women. Hexagon dumbbells are different from traditional dumbbells. The hexagonal design makes the dumbbells more stable on the ground and reduces rolling. Durable rubber can cushion shocks.
The stability of the hexagonal dumbbell can be used for whole body training and functional training, such as push-ups, prone back rowing and other training.
1. Check the chrome-plated handle.
2. The hexagonal appearance is firmly placed on the ground.
3. Adhesive design, safe and durable.
4. This series contains 2.5-50kg (2.5kg increment)
In exercises, hexagonal dumbbells can be used as armrests. For example, if you do not have a handle when bending and extending your arms, you can grab a hex dumbbell. This can reduce the pressure on your wrist with your own weight. Of course, the premise is that your wrist is straight. Of course, the same applies to push-ups. There is also push-up dumbbell rowing exercise, which is not a substitute for round dumbbells.
Due to the large range of joint motion in dumbbell training, you should pay attention to sufficient warm-up before training, including 5-10 minutes of aerobic training warm-up and stretching of the main body muscles. Pay attention to weight selection, especially in the first ten minutes of training, choose 55%-70% weight dumbbells. The speed of the movement should not be too fast, it should be controlled well, especially the stability of the waist and abdomen is very important. Exhale forcefully during training, then step back and inhale. The more important thing is to avoid a single exercise and balance the whole body. Dumbbell training can also help women’s muscles become more elastic, improve women’s basal metabolism, and achieve the effect of losing weight without rebounding.

Rubber, stainless steel, refined steel
1, 2, 3, 4-10kg 2.5, 5,7.5, 10-50KG/ piece all pound sizes are available
Sample lead time
3-7 working days – 2 working days for existing samples if LOGO needs to be customized
Minimum quantity
10kg in stock, depending on the custom type
Can be customized LOGO
Packing detail
Plastic bags + cartons + pallets/wooden cases or customer requirements
Sample charge
Contact customer service according to customer requirements
Sales link
Dumbbell rack, dumbbell stool, rubber barbells
Applicable scenario
Gyms, companies, entertainment venues, troops, schools, families
Terms of payment
Telegraphic transfer, letter of credit, western union remittance, trade guarantee

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